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Established in 2004, a family-owned business, CONG THANH UT HANH Co., Ltd. is recognized as a famous brand name for generations in the rice cultivation and processing industry of the rice industry in the Mekong Delta.

In 2009, we became a member of the Vietnam Food Association and was granted a Rice Export License. Shortly, after that we achieved HACCP certification in 2016.

We have invested heavily in automated machinery with a closed process from fresh rice processing to finished products. As we grew, we have provided jobs within the local community and employed over 100 employees. Our inherent reputation and close relationships with local farmers and traders not only guarantee high quality and stability, but also allow us to trace the material's origin.

Product quality and exemplary relationship with the community and customers are the foundation and top priority of the Company. Our goal is to become a leading Rice Export company in the customer's top choice and expand into greater market share internationally.


Factory Overview:


equipment overview:


Factory area: 38,000 m²

Operations: 200 employees

Storing capacity: 55,000 tons

Drying capacity: 2,340 tons / daily

Milling capacity: 650 tons / daily

Supply capacity: 15,000-20,000 tons / month

 Capacity: Yearly > 200,000 tons, export 85,000 tons


Dryer, Rice Husker, Miller, Polisher, Color sorter, Packing, Loading, etc.

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